Turn your videos into actions

With in-video overlays acquire, engage and retain customers. Use audience rules to show overlays for targeted viewers.


In-video overlay

It's like a power version of YouTube annotations, but with in-video overlays, you can put anything inside.

Add interactive overlays at any moment of the video. Set custom overlays for play, pause, share and stop actions.

Create your in-video overlays with our Javascript SDK or with Onplair online editor.

Audience rules for overlays

Show different overlays for viewers using audience rules. For example, you can show one set of overlays for your customers and other for first-time viewers.

Overlay Javascript SDK

SDK is the bridge between your in-video overlay and video. With this SDK you can implement all your wildest dreams. And it's easy. All you need to do is to create an HTML page and connect our script.

Join private beta 🔥

We're starting private beta in the end of February and looking for companies who already use video. Selected companies will receive full support from our team to create the best experiences for their users using Onplair in-video overlays.


  • Can i use my YouTube videos?

    Yes, but for the best results we recommend using external video file.

  • Can i use it just as a video player?

    Yes, but we're focused on other features such as in-video overlays. There is already a bunch of video players on the market, and we don't want to waste our time competing them.

  • I'm confused. Is it a video player or is it overlays and other stuff?

    It's a video player with the ecosystem around it. A video player is just a part of it, and in theory, you can even use native html5 video player or another video player.

  • I don't have developers, but I want to join private beta.

    During the private beta, we'll help you with development. A public beta will have online editor and list of integrations.

  • Can i integrate Onplair with product X?

    You can integrate Onplair with almost anything. Even with your website and user base.

  • What if we don't have a website?

    Each video has a direct link so that you can share it on social media or via email.